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My work

I have always been passionate about art and started drawing and painting at an early age.

In my late teens and early 20's, I began to paint more intensely, experimenting with a variety of styles and techniques.

A few years ago, thanks to several cherished sources of inspiration, I found my own personal style. The images and beauty I portray in my work are inspired by:

The South of France - my home region, and more precisely Provence, with its warm, stunning, and almost striking colors.

The light is so intense, it allows for a breathtaking play of shadow and light which, little by little, reveals itself to me. Working with this interplay of light and dark and using the deeply vibrant colors of the region, each painting bursts with natural beauty.

The Sea and Sun - the South of France is blessed with the beautiful colors of the Mediterranean Sea and plenty of warm sunny days. Although some of my paintings do not let appear the sun and sea, we can feel them however.

The 1950's - 1980's - During these decades, the photographer Slim Aarons focused his lens on people and places, bringing atmosphere to each of his exceptional photographs : à "Wonderful life" which speaks deeply to me, making me nostalgic for a time that I have never known.

Women - Last but not least, women are an endless source of inspiration and are often the subject of my paintings. Painted from the back, and in a moment of relaxation and sweet solitude, their face are kept hidden to protect their secrets and maintain their privacy. With the sun and water as their only companions, they relaxe for a moment, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

With such rich sources of inspiration, and using light/shadow play, rich colors, and gentle brushwork, my paintings reveal the peace and serenity of living in the present moment.

My exhibitions

Parenthèse ensoleillée



Vernissage « Parenthèse ensoleillée »

October 2021

exposition parenthèse ensoleillée

Parenthèse ensoleillée



Nouvelle exposition  » Parenthèse Ensoleillée  » !

October 2021

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Marché des créateurs

Aout 2021

Place Henri Barthelemy Lourmarin

Exposition « Marché des créateurs » 2021

July 2021

exposition marché des créateurs lourmarin 2021